S. Sanders, Music Teacher Raleigh, NC

Yamislens is an excellent company! Not only did they film my event, but they went above and beyond to make the event special and memorable for everyone who participated in and attended the gathering. Other companies just offered to film my event, but Yamislens conducted a pre-event interview in which they asked me specific questions about the event so that they could create a storyline that made the event fun and exciting to watch. Not only did they interview me prior to the event, but they interviewed people that attended the event before and after the gathering to capture the excitement and anticipation in the atmosphere and to capture people’s comments about how they enjoyed the event after the show. The company has high-quality camera equipment that produces high-quality videos, they are very professional, and they keep the lines of communication between them and their customers open so that they can produce a product that their customers are truly pleased with. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs an event filmed so that they can capture important memories and access them for years to come!